National Level Coding Contest

Cash Prize Worth 60,000 10 Hour of Coding

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Technocrats Institute of Technology has grown from strength to strength to emerge as one of the top technical institute in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The institute is recognized as a leader in the field of engineering education and research. Reputed for the outstanding caliber of students graduating from the institute, it attracts the best students from the country for its bachelor’s and masters programmes. Research and academic programmes at TIT are driven by a team of outstanding faculty members, many of whom are recognized for their research contributions. The institute promotes respect and tolerance for the views of every individual and focuses on issues of national relevance as well as of global concern.

About Event

In todays world, over 90% of youth know about the popular Battle Royal game PlayerUnknow's BattleGrounds or simply PUBG.
But the creation of such games or developing complex services like Web Services or Software Platforms require hardcore programming.

Thus we at core team CUBG joined the two very distinct yet very complementary concepts together and thus CUBG : CoderUnkowns BattleGrounds was born. A competitive coding event themed on PUBG

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Event Details

Registration Details

Understanding team formation and registration process

This is the first stage of "CUBG - CoderUnknown BattleGround". The registration is free and open to all. Last date of registration is - 8th Mar, 2019.Registration can be done through CUBG website by filling up a form at registration page.Registration of teams must be done by a Team Leader only. Solo , duo and sqaud teams are allowed only.Team Leader have to create their id on team members can be from the same discipline or may be inter-disciplinary but all team members should be from same college; no inter-college teams are allowed.For any related query mail us at- "".

Qualifiying Round

Feb 27, 12:05 AM IST

Online Round

Schedule of the online round is from Feb 27, 12:05 AM IST to Mar 03, 11:55 PM IST, visit Online portal of CUBG and log in using registered E-mail id and password. Appear for the Test during the time mentioned above. The duration of the online round is 4 Hours.

Elimination Round

Mar 9, 11:00 AM IST

Onsite Round

Schedule of the Elimination round is on Mar 9, 11:00 AM IST to Mar 9, 01:00 PM IST (2 Hours), This round will be held at the venue, this is the first stage of the CUBG onsite round, test contains 3 coding questions and 10 objective questions(based on input-output). Top 15 team will qualify for final round. For any related query mail us at- "".


Mar 9, 2:00PM IST

Onsite Round

Schedule of the Final round is on Mar 9, 02:00 PM to Mar 9, 06:00 PM IST (4 Hours), This round will contain 6 Coding questions based on PUBG theme, For any related query, mail us at- "".

Final Result

Mar 9, 06:30 PM IST

Price Distribution

Cash prize of 60000 INR, Prizes to top 15 teams


"A competitive coding event themed on PUBG,
CUBG simulates the competitive environment
in a very known PUBG style"


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