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Leetcode Problems Solutions

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Why this repository?

This is mostly for my personal learning and future references, and if anyone needs help with a certain problem.

“Try the problem yourself first, then only proceed to the solution. BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR WORK.”

If found helpful please press a ⭐.

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#ID ProblemStatement Solutionjava Solutionjs Difficulty
1 Two Sum Solution.js Easy
2 Add Two Numbers Medium
3 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters Solution.js Medium
7 Reverse Integer Solution.js Easy
9 Palindrome Number Solution.js Easy
13 Roman to Integer Solution.js Easy
14 Longest Common Prefix Solution.js Easy
19 Remove Nth Node From End of List Solution.js Medium
20 Valid Parentheses Solution.js Easy
21 Merge Two Sorted Lists Solution.js Easy
27 Remove Element Solution.js Easy
28 Implement strStr() Solution.js Easy
33 Search in Rotated Sorted Array Medium
35 Search Insert Position Solution.js Easy
38 Count and Say Easy
49 Group Anagrams Medium
50 Pow(x,n) Solution.js Medium
53 Maximum Subarray Solution.js Easy
55 Jump Game Solution.js Medium
58 Length of Last Word Solution.js Easy
60 Permutation Sequence Hard
64 Minimum Path Sum Solution.js Medium
66 Plus One Solution.js Easy
67 Add Binary Solution.js Easy
69 Sqrt(x) Solution.js Easy
70 Climbing Stairs Solution.js Easy
72 Edit Distance Hard
75 Sort Colors Solution.js Medium
100 Same Tree Solution.js Easy
103 Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order Traversal Medium
104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Solution.js Easy
106 Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder Traversal Solution.js Medium
107 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II Easy
122 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II Solution.js Easy
125 Valid Palindrome Solution.js Easy
129 Sum Root to Leaf Numbers Solution.js Medium
130 Surrounded Regions Solution.js Medium
136 Single Number Solution.js Easy
137 Single Number II Solution.js Medium
151 Reverse Words in a String Solution.js Medium
154 Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array II Solution.js Hard
155 Min Stack Easy
169 Majority Element Solution.js Easy
171 Excel Sheet Column Number Solution.js Easy
172 Factorial Trailing Zeroes Solution.js Easy
189 Rotate Array Solution.js Easy
190 Reverse Bits Solution.js Easy
200 Number of Islands Medium
202 Happy Number Solution.js Easy
203 Remove Linked List Elements Solution.js Easy
206 Reverse Linked List Solution.js Easy
207 Course Schedule Medium
208 Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) Medium
217 Contains Duplicate Solution.js Easy
221 Maximal Square Solution.js Medium
222 Count Complete Tree Nodes Solution.js Medium
226 Invert Binary Tree Solution.js Easy
230 Kth Smallest Element in a BST Solution.js Medium
231 Power of Two Solution.js Easy
237 Delete Node in a Linked List Solution.js Easy
238 Product of Array Except Self Solution.js Medium
258 Add Digits Solution.js Easy
260 Single Number III Solution.js Medium
264 Ugly Number II Solution.js Medium
1344 Angle Between Hands of a Clock Solution.js Medium


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