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Hackerrank Practice Questions (Problem-Solving)

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Why this repository?

This is mostly for my personal learning and future references, and if anyone needs help with a certain problem.

“Try the problem yourself first, then only proceed to the solution. BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR WORK.”

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Subdomain Problem Statement Solution c Solution java Solution js Difficulty Score
Warmup A Very Big Sum Solution.c Solution.java   Easy 10
Warmup Birthday Cake Candles Solution.c Solution.java Solution.js Easy 10
Warmup Compare the Triplets Solution.c Solution.java   Easy 10
Warmup Diagonal Difference Solution.c Solution.java Solution.js Easy 10
Warmup Mini-Max Sum Solution.c Solution.java Solution.js Easy 10
Warmup Plus Minus Solution.c Solution.java Solution.js Easy 10
Warmup Simple Array Sum Solution.c Solution.java   Easy 10
Warmup Solve Me First Solution.c Solution.java   Easy 1
Warmup Staircase Solution.c Solution.java Solution.js Easy 10
Warmup Time Conversion Solution.c Solution.java Solution.js Easy 15
Implementation 3D Surface Area Solution.c Solution.java Medium 30
Implementation ACM ICPC Team Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Almost Sorted Solution.c Medium 50
Implementation Angry Professor Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Append And Delete Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Apple And Orange Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Beautiful Days At The Movies Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Beautiful Triplets Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Between Two Sets Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Bigger Is Greater Solution.c Medium 35
Implementation Birthday Chocolate Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Bon Appétit Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Breaking The Records Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Cats And A Mouse Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Cavity Map Solution.c Easy 30
Implementation Chocolate Feast Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Circular Array Rotation Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Climbing the Leaderboard Solution.java Solution.js Medium 20
Implementation Counting Valleys Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Cut The Sticks Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Day Of The Programmer Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Designer PDF Viewer Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Divisible Sum Pairs Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Drawing Book Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Electronics Shop Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Ema’s Supercomputer Solution.java Medium 40
Implementation Encryption Solution.c Medium 30
Implementation Equalize The Array Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Extra Long Factorials Solution.c Medium 20
Implementation Fair Rations Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Find Digits Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Flatland Space Stations Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Forming A Magic Square Solution.c Medium 20
Implementation Grading Students Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Halloween Sale Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Jumping On The Clouds Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Kangaroo Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Library Fine Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Lisa’s Workbook Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation Manasa And Stones Solution.c Easy 30
Implementation Matrix Layer Rotation Solution.java Hard 80
Implementation Migratory Birds Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Minimum Distances Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Modified Kaprekar Numbers Solution.c Easy 30
Implementation Organizing Containers Of Balls Solution.c Medium 30
Implementation Picking Numbers Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Repeated String Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Save The Prisoner! Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation Sequence Equation Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Service Lane Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Sherlock And Squares Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Sock Merchant Solution.c Easy 10
Implementation Strange Counter Solution.c Easy 30
Implementation Taum and B’day Solution.c Easy 25
Implementation The Grid Search Solution.java Medium 30
Implementation The Hurdle Race Solution.c Easy 15
Implementation The Time ln Words Solution.c Medium 25
Implementation Utopian Tree Solution.c Easy 20
Implementation Viral Advertising Solution.c Easy 15
Strings Alternating Characters Solution.c Easy 20
Strings Anagram Solution.c Easy 25
Strings Beautiful Binary String Solution.c Easy 20
Strings Caesar Cipher Solution.c Easy 15
Strings CamelCase Solution.c Easy 15
Strings Common Child Solution.java Medium 60
Strings Funny String Solution.c Easy 15
Strings Game Of Thrones-l Solution.c Easy 30
Strings Gemstones Solution.c Easy 20
Strings HackerRank ln A String! Solution.c Easy 20
Strings Making Anagrams Solution.c Easy 30
Strings Mars Exploration Solution.c Easy 15
Strings Palindrome Index Solution.java Easy 25
Strings Pangrams Solution.c Easy 20
Strings Separate The Numbers Solution.c Easy 20
Strings Sherlock And Anagrams Solution.java Medium 50
Strings String Construction Solution.c Easy 25
Strings Strong Password Solution.c Easy 15
Strings Super Reduced String Solution.c Easy 10
Strings The Love-Letter Mystery Solution.c Easy 20
Strings Two Characters Solution.java Easy 20
Strings Two Strings Solution.c Easy 25
Strings Weighted Uniform Strings Solution.java Easy 20
Search Connected Cells In A Grid Solution.java Medium 50
Search Hackerland Radio Transmitters Solution.c Medium 25
Search Ice Cream Parlor Solution.c Easy 30
Search Missing Numbers Solution.c Easy 45
Search Pairs Solution.java Medium 50
Search Sherlock and Array Solution.c Easy 40
Greedy Beautiful Pairs Solution.c Easy 30
Greedy Chief Hopper Solution.c Solution.java Hard 65
Greedy Cutting Boards Solution.c Hard 60
Greedy Goodland Electricity Solution.c Medium 40
Greedy Greedy Florist Solution.c Solution.java Medium 35
Greedy Grid Challenge Solution.c Easy 20
Greedy Jim and the Orders Solution.c Easy 40
Greedy Largest Permutation Solution.c Easy 30
Greedy Luck Balance Solution.c Easy 20
Greedy Marc’s Cakewalk Solution.c Solution.java Easy 15
Greedy Mark and Toys Solution.c Solution.java Easy 35
Greedy Max Min Solution.c Medium 35
Greedy Maximum Perimeter Triangle Solution.c Easy 20
Greedy Minimum Absolute Difference in an Array Solution.c Solution.java Easy 15
Greedy Permuting Two Arrays Solution.c Solution.java Easy 40
Greedy Priyanka and Toys Solution.c Solution.java Easy 30
Greedy Sherlock and The Beast Solution.c Easy 30


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